"the fact that the world doesn’t accept transgender people is bullshit.. ik that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and all of that but why does the world have to be so god damn hateful? the fact that trans people have to go through so much shit just to be who they really are.. it kills me.. literally i’m on the verge of killing myself and have been for 3 years now all regarding me being transgender and not looking like how i should and i can’t fucking get on hormones for years and idk if i ever will be able to.. i have nobody here to accept me.. yeah getting supportive messages online is great but i want someone here that will fucking guide me and help me through this process and just accept me.. idk want to do anymore. helpless."
- idkicantthinkofanythingrightnow

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Habe heute nach Therapeuten in meiner Stadt geschaut. Gibt nur einen Mann, der Rest sind Frauen. Allerdings war seine Bewertung bei Google nicht die Beste und vorallem will ich dort auf gar keinen Fall anrufen.
Wieso muss man da ueberhaupt immer anrufen?! 
Vielleicht schaff ich es die Woche ueber ja mal dort anzurufen um einen Termin auszumachen, damit der ganze Scheiss auch mal ein Ende hat. 

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